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Tar Sands on Northwest Alabama
For many years it has been known that this area has a huge potential of
2.5 Billion Barrels
or more for producing oil from surface mining of Asphaltic tar sands and producing heavy oil from these same formations down-dip from these out-crops.
Click this link to see more:
Tar Sands

Floyd-Neal Shale Trend and Maben Trend
Carrizo, Anadarko, Cabot, Chesapeake & XTO are testing the shale of the Black Warrior Basin for Barnett-Fayetteville comparisons. Follow this link for downloadable PDF area maps;
Floyd Neal Shale:
Maps of Floyd-Maben Trend areas of the Black Warrior Basin

Mistal, Inc.

Brief  History of Mistal, Inc.

Tamco Inc was formed in 1970 by Tennessee River Pulp and Paper (TRPP) when TRPP made a decision to sever all of their minerals from their land. In 1974 the corporate name was changed to MISTAL Inc. Mistal owns over 78,000 net mineral acres of minerals in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. Controlling interest was acquired by a small group of investors from Louisiana, Sid Moreland, Bob McCormick and Ray Smith. Much of this acreage lies within the Black Warrior Basin.

The mineral acreage in Lamar County, Marion County, Franklin & Winston Counties, Alabama has potential for surface mining the very valuable high quality low-sulphur coal seams that lie near the surface.

Mistal owns a large block of Floyd-Neal Shale acreage in Clay, Chickasaw, Webster, and Calhoun Counties MS that is currently being explored by Anadarko, Cabot and XTO. 

Tennessee Minerals

Mistal also owns large mineral acreage positions in Tennessee in the counties of Decatur, McNairy, Hardin, Wayne & Lawrence click the link below to download a small scale coverage map in PDF format: Maps\Mistal Minerals in TN 8.5X11.pdf

Mississippi Minerals

Mississippi minerals in the Black Warrior Basin in Northeast Mississippi can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the link below: Maps\Mistal Minerals in MS 8.5X11.pdf

Alabama Minerals

Alabama Minerals can be viewed by clicking on the PDF link below:  Maps\Mistal Minerals AL 8.5X11.pdf