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Tar Sands on Northwest Alabama
For many years it has been known that this area has a huge potential of
2.5 Billion Barrels
or more for producing oil from surface mining of Asphaltic tar sands and producing heavy oil from these same formations down-dip from these out-crops.
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Tar Sands

Floyd-Neal Shale Trend and Maben Trend
Carrizo, Anadarko, Cabot, Chesapeake & XTO are testing the shale of the Black Warrior Basin for Barnett-Fayetteville comparisons. Follow this link for downloadable PDF area maps;
Floyd Neal Shale:
Maps of Floyd-Maben Trend areas of the Black Warrior Basin

Mistal Minerals in AL, MS & TN

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Link to Click to go to Mistal Maps below with surface coal mining potential.

Surface Coal Mining Operation In Alabama


Wall picture with coal seam at bottom


Exposed Coal Seam


Black Gold Ready for Market

Mistal Minerals in Franklin, Marion & Winston Counties Alabama with Potential for Surface Coal mining of High Quality Plateau  Bituminous Coal


For an overview Map of Northwest Alabama Coal Mining areas with Potential for surface mining in Franklin, Marion and Winston Counties follow this link: 

Maps/Mistal Coal Overview.pdf

Winston County, Alabama

Winston County Alabama Surface Coal Mining Activity

Click Link for PDF map of above:  Map of Mistal Minerals in Winston Co A

Quick download)

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_1_2_11_12-11S-6W.pdf     Maps/Mistal-TOPO_1_2_11_12-11S-6W.pdf  

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_13,18-10S-6,7W.pdf          Maps/Mistal-TOPO_13,18-10S-6,7W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-Arial_13-12S-9W.pdf                    Maps/Mistal-Topo_13-12S-9W.pdf              

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_20-10S-7W.pdf                  Maps/Mistal-TOPO_20-10S-7W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_21-10S-6W.pdf                  Maps/Mistal-TOPO_21-10S-6W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_23-10S-8W.pdf                  Maps/Mistal-TOPO_23-10S-8W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-Arial_30-11S-8W.pdf                    Maps/Mistal-TOPOl_30-11S-8W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_31,32-11S-6W.pdf             Maps/Mistal-TOPO_31,32-11S-6W.pdf        

Maps/Mistal-Arial_3-11S-9W.pdf                      Maps/Mistal-TOPO_3-11S-9W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_34-10S-8W.pdf                 Maps/Mistal-TOPO_34-10S-8W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_36,8S-13W.pdf                 Maps/Mistal-TOPO_36,8S-13W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_36-10S-8W.pdf                 Maps/Mistal-TOPO_36-10S-8W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_5_7_8-10S-8W.pdf             Maps/Mistal-TOPO_5_7_8-10S-8W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_6-9S-11W.pdf                   Maps/Mistal-Topo_8-11S-8W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_8-11S-8W.pdf                   Maps/Mistal-Topo_8-11S-8W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_9_10-10S-8W.pdf              Maps/Mistal-TOPO_9_10-10S-8W.pdf

 Marion County, Alabama Map

Click map to enlarge or

follow this link for a PDF map: Maps/Mistal Minerals in Marion Co AL.pdf

PDF downloads of Mistal Minerals in Marion County, Alabama:

Arial (Larger Download)            Topo (Quick download)

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_3-9S-11W.pdf                   Maps/Mistal-TOPO_3-9S-11W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_4,32-8,9S-12W.pdf            Maps/Mistal-TOPO_4,32-8,9S-12W.pdf

 Franklin County Alabama Map

Click map to enlarge or

follow this link for PDF map: Maps/Mistal Minerals in Franklin Co AL.pdf

DF downloads of Mistal Minerals in Franklin County, Alabama:

Arial (Larger Download)            Topo (Quick download)

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_13,24-7S-14W.pdf             Maps/Mistal-TOPO_13,24-7S-14W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_13,24-8S-15W.pdf             Maps/Mistal-TOPO_13,24-8S-15W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_23-26-7S-14W.pdf             Maps/Mistal-TOPO_23-26-7S-14W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_24,19-8S-11,12W.pdf         Maps/Mistal-TOPO_24,19-8S-11,12W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_26-8S-11W.pdf                  Maps/Mistal-TOPO_26-8S-11W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_27-8S-14W.pdf                  Maps/Mistal-TOPO_27-8S-14W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_34,35-8S-12W.pdf             Maps/Mistal-TOPO_34,35-8S-12W.pdf

Maps/Mistal-ARIAL_6-8S-13W.pdf                   Maps/Mistal-TOPO_6-8S-13W.pdf

Click the "Home" button to the left for a link to download Google Earth before clicking on this link or click here: Click this link to download the latest version of Google Earth Then you can click on the links below.

MAP OF MISTAL MINERAL LANDS IN AL, MS & TN By clicking this link if you have installed Google Earth on your computer you will be able to view this mineral acreage in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.

MAPS OF COAL MINES IN NORTHWEST ALABAMA By clicking this link if you have installed Google Earth on your computer you will be able to view very good maps of surface coal mining in Northwest Alabama.

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