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Tar Sands on Northwest Alabama
For many years it has been known that this area has a huge potential of
2.5 Billion Barrels
or more for producing oil from surface mining of Asphaltic tar sands and producing heavy oil from these same formations down-dip from these out-crops.
Click this link to see more:
Tar Sands

Floyd-Neal Shale Trend and Maben Trend
Carrizo, Anadarko, Cabot, Chesapeake & XTO are testing the shale of the Black Warrior Basin for Barnett-Fayetteville comparisons. Follow this link for downloadable PDF area maps;
Floyd Neal Shale:
Maps of Floyd-Maben Trend areas of the Black Warrior Basin

Floyd-Neal Shale Resource Play in the Black Warrior Basin of Mississippi & Alabama

These PDF maps were created to give an overview of the present potential of of the Floyd Neal Shale Play:

Drilling in the Black Warrior Basin

PDF maps of Mistal, Inc. acreage in the Floyd-Neal Shale play. Right click and save to your computer.
Floyd-Trends in Mississippi