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Tar Sands on Northwest Alabama
For many years it has been known that this area has a huge potential of
2.5 Billion Barrels
or more for producing oil from surface mining of Asphaltic tar sands and producing heavy oil from these same formations down-dip from these out-crops.
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Tar Sands

Floyd-Neal Shale Trend and Maben Trend
Carrizo, Anadarko, Cabot, Chesapeake & XTO are testing the shale of the Black Warrior Basin for Barnett-Fayetteville comparisons. Follow this link for downloadable PDF area maps;
Floyd Neal Shale:
Maps of Floyd-Maben Trend areas of the Black Warrior Basin

Tar Sands and Shallow Oil of Northwest Alabama

The Alabama Tar Sands contain resource of up to 2.5 billion barrels of heavy oil potential. When you go down-dip from the outcrop of the Tar Sands various logs and tests have found free oil in up to 34 Gravity. The downloadable Circular 89 and Bulletin 111 published by the Geological Survey of Alabama indicate heavy oil and asphaltic oil in this region comprising several Alabama Counties.

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Bloomberg Energy Prices

To download very informative geological papers describing the Alabama Tar Sands, right click the links below and save on your computer.

Maps/Bulletin 111 Characteristics and Resource Evaluation of the Asphalt and Bitumen Deposits of Northern Alabama.pdf    9MB size file

Map above in .PDF format to download


Maps/Circular 89 - Engineering Evaluation of Alabama Tar Sands- Geological survey of Alabama.pdf   4 MB size file

Mistal Mineral Acreage in the Hartselle Sand Tar Sand Area. Size is 1 MB.

Maps/Mistal Tar Sands NW AL.pdf